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MARINE RISK ASSOCIATES, INC. is one of the leading Maritime Security Providers with a strong global presence through its affiliation with the well known provider of security services ROKADA SECURITY SERVICES LLC .

ROKADA SECURITY SERVICES LLC is a Charlestown, Nevis, (B.W.I.) based Limited Liability Company (LLC), with operation offices in the United Arab Emirates, Greece, Sri Lanka, Iraq, Yemen and Russia. It also has an Agency Office in Germany which allows Rokada, LLC to operate internationally.

ROKADA SECURITY SERVICES LLC is a fully certified and licensed Private Security company; its legal License underlines in particular the company's official right for "Extensive security services without limitations, securing life or property of third parties".

ROKADA SECURITY SERVICES LLC is a fully independent and very flexible security provider with perfectly developed infrastructure, it operates within the High Risk Areas with more that 800 fit, perfectly-trained and experienced ex-military security personnel since 2009. They are currently using three Floating Armories with a large number of wholly-owned weapons within the main waterways at 21 North at Red Sea, the Gulf of Oman and the beam of Galle Port at Sri Lanka. Floating Armories allow us to assure the transfer of our Security Personnel to and from the vessels of our clients with minimum deviation from vessels' route and with minimum lost time.

ROKADA SECURITY SERVICES LLC is also having accreditation in almost all key ports within these High Risk Areas, and consequently makes them very flexible and fast reacting operationally.

The main geographical points for embarking and disembarking our Security Teams are the following:

- Port Suez - Egypt
- Red Sea - International waters, co-ordinates N 21' 00' 00' / E 38' 30' 00'
- Port Djibouti - Djibouti at port limits
- Port Djibouti - Djibouti off-ports limits
- Gulf of Oman - International waters, co-ordinates N 25' 15' 00' / E 56' 50' 00'
- Muscat & Salalah - Oman
- Port Mombassa - Kenya
- Dar Es Salaam - Tanzania
- Seychelles
- Zanzibar
- Durban - South Africa
- Richards Bay - South Africa
- Port Louis - Mauritius
- Galle - Sri Lanka, off-port limits N 05' 48' (50') 00' / E 80' 13' 00

Currently, new maritime threats are appearing in almost every part of the world, namely the Guinea Gulf, Western Africa, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines etc. We are ready to provide our clients with maritime security solutions in these areas too.

MARINE RISK ASSOCIATES, INC. is also directly affiliated to one of the leading International Flag Administrations with an extensive presence on the international maritime scene.

We can deliver a first class, cost-effective and fully-comprehensive maritime security service in the Gulf of Aden, Somalia, Indian Ocean and generally speaking all piracy-affected areas and provide on board protection teams (either armed or unarmed) who will sail with your ships through the areas of concern. The company is also active in support of large maritime security projects including exploration, dredging and marine construction projects in difficult and dangerous environments. Our crews are German, Russian, Sri Lankan and Philippine nationals; all are only qualified and licensed ex-military personnel, all had concluded Special Maritime Security Training courses and meet all demands of IMO.